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Cinnamon-Orange *WHITE* 10-Teabag Pack

SKU: 7682

We have taken the smooth, delicate taste of white tea and flavored with our very popular Cinnamon-Orange essence. A delicious, slightly sweet brew to be enjoyed any time of day. High in anti-oxidants and low in caffeine. A rare tea since it is picked shortly before the tea buds are fully opened and hand processed during a very limited time. Indulging in a cup of our white tea is a luxurious as well as healthy experience. Contains 10 Teabags.

Ingredients: White Peony Tea, Natural and Artificial Flavorings. No Sugar.

To get the full shelf life of the Cinnamon-Orange teas we suggest keeping it in an air tight GLASS container in your refrigerator.

Do not use plastic when storing citrus products.