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Cinnamon-Orange *GREEN* Tea 8oz Package

SKU: 0117

Discover the earthy serenade of Emperor's Green Teabags, spiced up with a zesty Cinnamon-Orange dash! Experience the invigorating taste of green tea, with a hint of sweetness and spice, and enjoy its antioxidant-richness and lower caffeine content. What a perfect way to get your daily zing!

To get the full shelf life of the Cinnamon-Orange teas we suggest keeping it in an air tight GLASS container in your refrigerator. 

Stevia Herb is used in this Tea, it is not Stevia Sweetener.

No Sugar is in this Tea.

Do not use plastic or metal when storing citrus products.


Green Tea, Stevia Herb, Spices, Orange Pieces, Flavorings





FLAVORING Natural & Artificial