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All About Rooibos Tea 3-Pack

SKU: 9957

African Redbush (or Rooibos - pronounced Roy Boss) Tea has been popular for quite some time due to its slightly naturally sweet flavor, as well as its antioxidant properties. Another benefit is that it is herbal so it has absolutely no caffeine.

We have shrink-wrapped together three very popular flavors and banded them with an elastic gold tie to create a perfect gift for any tea lover that will enjoy a healthy, delicious brew! And don't forget to buy one for yourself!  Sugar-Free

Contains one box each of: Cinnamon-Orange Rooibos 24tb box, Cranberry Mint Rooibox 24tb box, True Vanilla Rooibos 24tb box.

Store Cinnamon-OrangeTeas in an airtight glass container in refrigerator.  Do not store citrus flavored products in plastic or metal.


Rooibos Tea, Flavorings






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