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MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange *DECAF* 24ct Teabag Box

SKU: 7670

The Tea from Seattle that's famous World-Wide!  That is the slogan of our Signature Cinnamon-Orange Tea. Our orange and brown kraft box has been a very recognizable item for nearly 30 years. In celebration of our 100th year in business, we decided to feature a "special edition" anniversary box, which is now available through 2011. We hope you like our signature look as much as we do!

Treat yourself to a unique experience with our MarketSpice DECAFFEINATED Cinnamon-Orange Tea!

This 24tb-Box offers a deliciously sweet tea with a spicy kick - without the buzz. Delight in this unique flavor, world famous and originally found in the historic Pike Place Market. It's a tea to sip and enjoy - minus the jitters!

To get the full shelf life of the Cinnamon-Orange Teas we suggest keeping it in an air tight GLASS container in your refrigerator. 

No Sugar or Sweeteners are in this Tea.

Do not use plastic or metal when storing citrus products.


DECAF Black Tea, Flavorings






Natural & Artificial