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Simply Delightful Basket (Millie's Delight Pho Sipping Broth)

SKU: ZGB-052

We have run out of stock for this item.

Simply Delightful with  our MarketSpice Earl Grey Tea and Millie's Delight Pho Sipping Broth served in a MarketSpice Logo Mug.


Gift Basket includes:

Blue MarketSpice Logo Mug

MarketSpice Earl Grey Tea in a 10 teabag pack

Millie's Delight Pho Broth, plant based & gluten free

3 Steepable broth bags


Millie's Sipping Broth
invented by a school teacher
who needed a better snack between classes. Brought
to market to fill the gap for savory hot beverages.
Individual serving of broth in a steepable ® broth bag

Plant based, gluten free, keto friendly
Great between meals at work, home, or travel.
Alternative to carb loaded salty snacks
Convenient Steepable ™ broth bag
Less sodium than bouillon, premium all natural, vegan,
gluten free ingredients.


Depending on availability, some accessories might be replaced.