Lemon Up Iced Tea 6pk

New product


MarketSpice is very excited to present a refreshing new iced tea flavor, which we offer in a convenient 6 pack of 2 quart teabags. Our teabags are made with liquid flavorings and should be stored in an air tight glass container in the fridge upon opening to preserve freshness.

Lemon Up offers the traditional taste of lemon flavored (Natural) black tea in a cooling iced tea version. This zesty flavor compliments any meal and is equally delicious by itself! (sugar free)

Brewing Instructions: Sun-Tea: 1 teabag for every 2 qts. fresh, cold water. Let sit in the sun or near a window until the tea brews strong. Pour over ice and serve. Boiling Method: Bring fresh, cold water to a boil. Pour 2 qts. water into glass container for every teabag used. Brew until strong. Cool, pour over ice and serve.