MarketSpice Mercato page:

You can get your favorite MarketSpice products delivered right to your door!  We have partnered with Mercato, an e-commerce platform that provides local delivery of groceries and other retail products from your area.  Please click the link at the top of this page to see our Mercato store where you can find our most popular products.  You can choose between pickup or delivery, where a driver will pick up your products and deliver them to you.  We deliver within a 20 mile radius of our Pike Place Market store, if you are outside of that zone please return to the main pages of our website to place your order.

Keep an eye out for other market businesses participating and get your favorite market products delivered right to your door!

If there are certain items you would like to be available for delivery, please email or call 206-622-6340 and we will consider making it a regular item on our Mercato store.  We hope our local friends appreciate the service.